Greyhawk 4E: Cryllor

Session 5/15/2010

Saminga – Saturday, May 15, 2010, 3:42 PM

<<ooc>> cpip says “So, would someone like to recap events of last session for Imo? :)”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “We’re all dying. Of rats. So ignominious.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Yea, we’re gettin’ out butts kicked by a bunch of rat minions.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “And some swarms.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Swarms OF Rats.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I thought we had some individual high-powered rats, and some swarms of rats.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “I think the individual rats are supposed to be mooks. They’ve just been kicking our rears.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “The individual rats ARE mooks. One HP minions. The swarms actually have HP and aura attacks and all that good stuff.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Oh, and as you might have guessed, the dice /hated/ us last week.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Either way, Imo, kill them all for us. We’re busy dying.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “But no pressure!”

<<ooc>> Alain giggles.

<<ooc>> cpip says “And then roll Initiative on the new Dice Roller.”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d20 for <17> 17

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay, Imogene enters the order behind the rats and ahead of Rhia. Initiative order is: Issa, Swarms, Giant Rats, Imogene, Rhia, Desh, Alain.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Desh had just acted, Alain had made his Death Save. So Alain? Not dying.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Yay!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Well, not DEAD.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “I did?! YAY! :D”

Alain quiet gurgle.

<<ooc>> Issa says “Brothers cannot die! I must defend the brother!”

<<ooc>> Rhia totally was going to help him! Before the dying.

<<ooc>> cpip says “We’ll go back to the top of the order, with Issa, who starts in the Aura of the rat swarm. Now, just to reiterate: The rat swarms have an aura attack. Anyone who starts their turn within one square of the swarm gets attacked with a free basic attack by the swarm.”

<<ooc>> Alain is going to have a manhood crisis here, being rescued by the ladies! Oh dear!

<<ooc>> cpip says “So we start with that.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Because they are filled with teeth.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 <10> for 10 + 6 = 16 total.

<<ooc>> cpip says “16 vs AC, Issa?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “That’s okay, we already know Imo is more butch than you.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Nevermind that Alain is a squishy magician and therefore not exactly mister butch. Silly git.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “That hits!”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Just barely, but hits.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d6+3 for <1> 4

<<ooc>> Issa is down to 12!

<<ooc>> cpip says “4 hp damage now, and 3 ongoing.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay, Issa, you’ve got rats crawling up you, which at least means they’re not crawling on Alain—but there’s a LOT of rats. What are you doing?”

Issa screams like a little girl as the rats start to swarm up her legs, but instead of doing the eeeky girl dance she wants to, she thrusts her dagger downwards, trying to slice and dice as many of the rodents as she can, with Piercing Strike.

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20+9 for <15> 24

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d4+5 for <4> 9

<<ooc>> cpip says “9 hp damage, halved because it’s a swarm: they take half damage from Melee and Ranged attacks (but, remember, extra damage from Close and Area attacks).”

<<ooc>> Issa needs to get that other swarm over here, so she can unleash her daily.

<<ooc>> Desh says “Need to line them up for Issa’s Daily and Desh’s breath attack.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “That would be awesome.”

The dagger flies up and down, and a few more of the nasty little rats are dead—but wide-eyed and vicious, the rest keep coming!

<<ooc>> cpip says “Roll your save vs. ongoing damage.”

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20 for <14> 14

<<ooc>> Desh says “Don’t forget about second wind too.. HP recovery and +2 to defenses.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Good deal! You shake off the worst of the rats before they chomp you.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And you all have your 1 Action Point, which you can spend to take one extra action.”

<<ooc>> Issa nodnods. “Thinking about doing that one soon. Was kinda hoping to use it for double-attack-of-doom, but!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Now the Rat Swarms are up…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Swarm #1 focuses on the thing that’s attacking it—Issa.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <1> 7

<<ooc>> cpip says “And it very much misses.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Swarm #2 moves into Rhia’s square, and is chewing on the bard.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+8 for <3> 11

<<ooc>> Rhia is chewed.

<<ooc>> Desh says “Tasty bard.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia, that’s vs. your AC -5.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “That’s enough. :(“

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d6+3 for <3> 6

<<ooc>> cpip says “6 HP damage, plus 3 ongoing. That puts you at -6. What’s your bloodied value again?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “12.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay. When you hit -12, you’re deceased. Dead. Ceased to be. Quite literally, rat food. And then everyone else has to decide if it’s worth 500gp (minimum) to see if one of the local temples will resurrect you…”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Gah”

<<ooc>> Rhia cry.

<<ooc>> Desh says “Does Rhiaplayer have a backup character? 8)”

<<ooc>> Rhia can slap one out if need be.

<<ooc>> Issa meeeeeeeep.

<<ooc>> Issa says “We cannot lose the spoony bard.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Now on to the Giant Rats. The only ones acting at the moment are the three attacking Desh. The other ones are either attacking NPCs, or not attacking at all.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “So, Desh, getting three attacks from Giant Rats vs AC.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <6> 12

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <4> 10

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <5> 11

<<ooc>> Desh says “Nope on all counts.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “All right. Imogene’s now up! Imo, after having gotten some of the children to safety, you return to see your compatriots in bad shape fending off the rat swarms. Alain’s down, Rhia’s covered in a swarm of rats, Desh is away fighting rats the size of dogs … what are you doing?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “I’ll note that even rats understand a Divine Challenge when it’s pronounced against them. Like, say, the rats currently devouring the bard. Or the warlock. Decisions, decisions…”

<<ooc>> Alain says “This is so embarrassing. We’re being pwned by a swarm of fisking rodents. :(“

<<ooc>> Desh says “At least Alain’s rats have something else to chew on?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Who is hurt worse, Rhia or Alain? Or possibly both? :P”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Rhia is in the process of being eaten. Alain is breathing and not squirting blood all over the place.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “That’s good. You continue not to squirt blood all over the place, Alain. We approve of that.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia is at – 6; when she gets to – 12, she’s dead. Alain is at – 2 —when do you die, Alain? :)”

<<ooc>> Alain says “I’m bloodied at 13”

<<ooc>> cpip says “At -13, then, Alain dies.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Or at 3 failed Death saves, too, but that’s later.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “At the risk of sounding self-interested, I can do some healing once I’m mobile again.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “OK.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “All right, then. Imo, what are you doing? :)”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Madly typing out a pose? 8)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Heh. Probably so. patience”

Imogene does not take this well, to say the least. She YELLS something that bypasses speech in favor of pure sonic fury, and takes off for Rhia, the worst-looking of the lot.

She touches the bard, Laying on Hands as she does, and swings her mace down in a Valiant Strike.

<<ooc>> Imogene says “I don’t need to roll for Laying, yes?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “But you can roll for laying . . . ahem.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Laying Rhia.. where’s a camera when you need one? 8)”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Later~ ♥”

<<ooc>> cpip says “So move, Lay on Hands, and Valiant Strike; no Divine Challenge, yes?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Not yet, unless I get two Minors?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Nope.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “You could forgo the attack just to get their attention.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Rhia needs laying more than the rats need challenging. ♥”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Well, you could if you spent your Action point, but I suspect you might want to do more with your action point than that. :)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Sounds good.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “All right. Rhia’s healed for a Healing Surge worth of HP—remember, being healed while dying resets your HP to zero first, then add the surge value. You’re still prone, and covered in rats, but! No longer dying. (What’s your surge value?) And Imogene rolls her attack.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Because I am brainless: Attacking is 1d20+6 to hit, and then 1d8+4 for damage?”

<<ooc>> Imogene frantically brushes off rust.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Right!”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “My surge is six. I feel so healthy. :)”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d20+6 for <10> 16

<<ooc>> cpip says “16 hits!”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d8+2 for <6> 8

<<ooc>> Imogene says ”♥?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “8 hp! Halved to 4, because it’s a swarm. But still!”

The mace comes down again, and again, smashing little rat brains and knocking some of the rodents off of the fallen bard, whose wounds begin to heal even as some of the rats continue to nip at Rhia.

<<ooc>> cpip says “And Rhia, you’re up. So to speak.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Take 3 Ongoing Damage immediately, and then, what are you doing?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “OK, moving to Alain.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “And using Majestic Word on Alain, which grants him his healing surge +5.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Are you standing up? Standing is a Move action. (You can crawl up to half your move, and remain prone, without having to spend an extra action to stand up.)”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I’ll crawl on over, then.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I think I’ll take my Second Wind as my standard action, also.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “So for the purposes of calculation, I start at zero then add surge value + 5?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Right, Alain.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And don’t forget to mark off the surge.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Oh also, you can slide.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “One square. Y’know, away from the dang rats.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “But, but. My flanking!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “He wasn’t flanking while he was dying.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “I know! But now he is, yes?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “This is so. However, I cannot but note that if he stays in the aura at the start of his turn they eat him again.”

Alain starts from his dying stupor and rolls away from the rat swarm.

<<ooc>> Alain sliiiiiiiiides.

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Also, I keep forgetting my Virtue of Cunning allows me to slide one of y’all once a round when an enemy misses you.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia, roll your Saving Throw vs. Ongoing.”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20 for <4> 4

<<ooc>> cpip says “Oh well. There’s still some of the rats hanging on you and nibbling.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “BOO.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “All right—that closes out Rhia’s turn. Desh, you’re up!”

Desh is beginning to get very agitated at the devil’s own luck these rats seem to have. With a frustrated roar, he lashes out with his blades at two of the rodents around him.

(Twin Strike on Rat 6 and the one in front of him.)

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <11> 16

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <11> 16

<<ooc>> cpip says “Those hit! Two dead rats.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Woot.”

The blades lash out, and two rats are carved up and dead, not to trouble anyone anymore . . .

<<ooc>> cpip says “Taking a Move and/or Minor action?”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Can I shift one down away from that other rat?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Sure!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Anything for the Minor, or are we on to Alain?”

<<ooc>> Desh says “On to Alain.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Okay, so I am bloodied. Does that give me any penalties?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Nope, Alain. Some things get bonuses to hit or damage Bloodied opponents, and some folks (like Dragonborn) actually get BONUSES while bloodied.”

<<ooc>> Desh cackles.

<<ooc>> Alain says “Can I use my second wind now, or can I only spend one healing surge per encounter?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “You can spend as many healing surges per encounter as you have—but you can only trigger them with a Second Wind once per encounter. :)”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Then I do believe things are about to get windy here. :)”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Alain is breaking wind!”

<<ooc>> Alain groan.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Badum-bing.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Hardeeharhar.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Someone had to say it.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Too true.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “That brings me up to 17 hp. Much better.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “All right. That’s your Standard action—what about your Move and Minor?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Oh! I thought second wind took it all. Hm.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Nope. Second Wind is a Standard Action.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “If I haven’t cursed that swarm already, I’m doing it now. >:(“

<<ooc>> cpip says “It’s sincerely cursed.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “And then I ready my quarterstaff of storms while Unni goes to find the rulebook to read up on the thing.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Next, please.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Back up to Issa, who’s in the Aura of Teeth.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <6> 12

<<ooc>> cpip says “12 vs AC, Issa?”

<<ooc>> cpip is pretty sure that misses, though. (Still, don’t forget your 3hp Ongoing Damage.)

<<ooc>> Issa says “It does!”

<<ooc>> Issa YAYS for missing.

<<ooc>> Alain mutters. Yon staff won’t be truly cool until I get level 7 powers. That’s the first time the lightning or thunder keywords shows up on my spells. Bah.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Sorry, Alain. You can always try and sell it off…?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And it’s /still/ a +1 to hit and damage quarterstaff, if all else fails.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Yeah, and it goes boom if I crit.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Isn’t boom good?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Boom is ALWAYS good. Well, unless it happens to you.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “But given that in ten years of D&D I have critted just about ten times (seriously!), that’s unlikely to happen. Yes, boom good. :)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay, then. What’re you doing, Issa?”

<<ooc>> Issa has a question!

<<ooc>> cpip says “Ask!”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Deft Strike says that I can move 2 squares before the attack. That would still make me vulnerable to Attack of Opportunity, right?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Yes.”

<<ooc>> Issa does it anyway, because eeee aura.

“Bring the swarm over here,” Issa shouts towards the paladin, then leaps backwards, her shuriken coming out as she fires a deft strike at the swarm, trying to dance away from the bitey little teeth as she does.

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <3> 9

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20+7 for <5> 12

<<ooc>> cpip says “Both Issa AND the rats miss!”

<<ooc>> Issa shakesfist at rats.

Issa gets away from the teeth, but in dodging, her shuriken fail to bring down any of the rats.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Move? Minor?”

<<ooc>> Issa doesn’t have any other moves to make, sadly. >_>

<<ooc>> cpip moves on.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay, the rat swarms are up!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Swarm 1 surges towards Alain and Rhia. They’re not going towards Miss “I Fling Shuriken!” They attack…”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d2 for <1> 1

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <19> 25

<<ooc>> cpip says “That hits, I’m pretty sure.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “You SUCK, rats.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “It’s true.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d6+3 for <5> 8

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Oh f word.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Now when my turn comes around, I’m dying again.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “8 hp, and—wait, you’re already at Ongoing 3, so that doesn’t stack.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “The other swarm goes for the nearest foe—Imogene…”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <5> 11

<<ooc>> cpip says “And fails to get past her guard, I do believe.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Unless Imo’s running around nearly naked all of a sudden and has shed her chainmail and shield?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Woowoo!”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Yeah no. We save that for AFTER the rats. ♥”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Moving on, to the Large Rats (the minions).”

<<ooc>> cpip says ”#5 attacks Imogene, #9 pursues Desh; the rest are hassling the kids, and the old man…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “(One of the kids, now no longer with rats near him, runs off.)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Imo first:”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <8> 14

<<ooc>> cpip says “Then Desh:”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <15> 21

<<ooc>> cpip says “3 hp damage if it hits. (No ongoing or anything.)”

<<ooc>> Desh says “I fear that hits.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Imo, what IS your AC?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “My AC is 18.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Also, Imo, you’re up.”

<<ooc>> Rhia whimpers in Imo’s direction.

<<ooc>> cpip says “OK. What are you doing?”

“Come on, then, you little motherfuckers,” Imogene growls at the rats, swiping at them again, and starts backing away, towards Rhia and Alain and the old man. She may, after all, need to Lay Rhia or Alain again. “Get OVER here!” She backs up the command with a Challenge to the rats attacking Rhia.

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Valiant Strike, move, Challenge.”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d20+6 for <7> 13

<<ooc>> Rhia must point out she will be dying again as soon as her turn begins.

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Does that hit? If Issa wa – dammit Rhia, quit that.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I’m tryin’!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “That does not hit.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Woe!”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Um. Do I have a non-Laying heal?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Well, once upon a time you had a Healing Potion. But someone gave that away to the Authorities.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Dammit. I hate being law-abiding. lol”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Rhia, plz tell me you can heal yourself?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And no one acquired more healing potions (or upgraded armor, or new weapons) while they had free time in town… So now Rhia takes 3 ongoing at the start of her turn, and down she shall shortly go.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Anyone with heal skill can try to stabilize her.. though I don’t know if it can be done in combat. 8)”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “If she can’t, then I’m gonna need to swap out that Challenge with my last Lay.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I could, if the damage didn’t happen first in the turn. I have one more use of MW.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “And I am totally going to get new armor, yes.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay. So swing, move, and then LoH Rhia?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Yeppers.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “TY.”

<<ooc>> Desh thanks several gods for Imogene. 8)

<<ooc>> cpip says “So Imo crosses off another healing surge, and Rhia gains her Surge value in HP.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Which puts Rhia at … 7 hp?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “That looks right to me.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And, Imo, both rats get swipes on you as you flee.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “First the Swarm.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <15> 21

<<ooc>> cpip says “And then the Minion.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <18> 24

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d6+3 for <5> 8

<<ooc>> cpip says “So, 8 hp, plus 3 from the rat minion—11 hp total, and you’ll be on Ongoing 3 damage starting next turn.”

As Imogene retreats back to heal Rhia, the rats snap at her—the large one finding a spot behind her greave, and the others swarming up her legs, finding soft bits of leather and unarmored bits to nip and bite at.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Now, Rhia, you’re up. Take 3 ongoing. And the Rat Swarm gets a free attack on you, of course.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <3> 9

<<ooc>> cpip says “Which misses. :)”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Phew.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “What are you doing?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Does anybody need this last MW more than I?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I’m at 4.”

<<ooc>> Issa is at 12, and still has a Second Wind.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Currently, by my count: Imogene at 23/34, Issa at 12/22, Alain at 17/26, Rhia at 4/25, and Desh at 17/29. Does that match with y’all’s totals?”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Yup.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Yep.”

<<ooc>> Issa nodnods.

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I’m keeping it all for myself, then. MW on me, use my slide to get away from the bitey little monsters, and then book a bit farther.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And then you still have a Standard Action, of course.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And don’t forget, you’re still prone, and crawling.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “OK. Then I’ll use Misdirected Mark on Swarm 2. That gives me a +5 attack roll, and then it’s marked by an ally within five squares of me (I’m picking Imo) until the end of my next turn.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Go for it. Roll the attack.”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20+5 for <16> 21

<<ooc>> cpip says “That hits!”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d8+5 for <2> 7

<<ooc>> cpip says “So that’s halved to 3 hp damage. Your spell hits, though!”

Rhia recites a small poem and looks a bit healthier and shifts carefully away from the swarm. Still on the ground, she crawls farther away from the filthy little bastards and points at the swarm to the north of her, using some clever deception to convince the beasts that Imogene has challenged them.

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Works for me!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And roll your save.”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20 for <11> 11

<<ooc>> cpip says “And you even shake off the rats who were crawling all over you!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Desh, you’re up!”

With a rat in pursuit, and his focus on getting to his comrades, Desh’s blades reach out for the rat behind him as he moves. As he nears Imo and the others, with a calculating look in his eye belches a stream of lightening from his mouth. (Twin Strike LgRat9, move towards Rhia and Alain, Dragon Breath.)

<<ooc>> cpip says “Roll the bones!”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Longblade”

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <4> 9

<<ooc>> Desh says “Shortblade”

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <14> 19

<<ooc>> cpip says “Shortblade gets ‘im. Dead rat!”

<<ooc>> Desh moves.. and let’s go with the breath weapon.

<<ooc>> Desh says “3×3 covering just the distance between Imo/Alain and Issa.. just big enough to get the swarm.”

<<ooc>> Rhia shakes pompoms.

<<ooc>> Alain approves!

<<ooc>> Issa says “Killllll.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Roll the attack. Vs. the swarm’s reflex, and it’s Vulnerable to Close attacks… :)”

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <12> 17

<<ooc>> cpip says “That hits!”

<<ooc>> Rhia :D

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d6+1 for <6> 7

<<ooc>> Desh says “Crit to boot.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Max damage! +5 for Vulnerability…”

<<ooc>> Alain says “BOOYAH!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “12 hp damage total. The swarm is bloodied, at least! :)”

<<ooc>> Desh says “That’s a lot of hp for a swarm. Yoicks.”

The crackling storm of lightning leaves the swarm scattered and a number of electrocuted rats smouldering in the dirt.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Only 36 total.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Second lowest of all the level 2 swarms.”

<<ooc>> Alain ….

<<ooc>> Issa says “4E. Everything gets buffed. Including the PCs, thank God, or we’d all be dead. :P”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Hell, back in 2e/3e, a mess of giant rats and a rat swarm or two would probably have slain the PCs.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And Alain, what are you doing?”

<<ooc>> Alain squints at the map. Will the swarm bite me if I attack it?

<<ooc>> cpip says “Actually, it gets a free attack on you now. Let me resolve that. :)”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <8> 14

<<ooc>> cpip says “14 hit your AC?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “It’s 14 so yes.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Or does the second wind bonus kick in?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “It’s ‘til the /start/ of your next turn.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “So it wore off just as the rats attacked, I fear. Also, you’re still prone, no?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Uh, dunno?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Probably.”

<<ooc>> Rhia has been crawling around this whole time because she couldn’t be bothered to waste move time standing.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Then yes, it hits.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d6+3 for <1> 4

<<ooc>> cpip says “4 hp damage, and 3 ongoing.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “So can I stand up or will they bite again?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Can I attack, or will they bite again?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “If you breathe, they will bite again. ;)”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Hehe”

<<ooc>> cpip says “They get a free attack on your first action. They also get an op attack when you move away without shifting, or attack them with a Ranged power while adjacent to them.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Is there such a thing as ‘threat’ in 4th ed?”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Certain abilities give a creature penalities if it attacks anyone but a certain person, I think?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Lovely. All my powers are ranged. Can I hit and shift?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “You can shift, and then shoot, if you want.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Swarm 2 will get penalties if it hits anyone but Imo…”

<<ooc>> Alain shifts and zots, then.

Alain growls at the rat swarm that’s sinking filthy little teeth into his tender flesh, steps back and hisses out a colourful curse that could blind even the clairvoyant.

<<ooc>> Alain says “Eybite. Defense is Will.”

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d20+4 for <18> 22

<<ooc>> Issa says “YES!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “That’s a hit, all right.”

<<ooc>> Desh applauds.

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d6+4 for <3> 7

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d6+4 for <1> 5

<<ooc>> Alain says “And now they can’t see me! Ha.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “2d6+8?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Oops.The second roll is only 1d6.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “It’s the curse bonus.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “So, 1. :)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “So 8 hp total, halved for it being a Ranged rather than Close/Area attack, and the swarm takes another 4 hp. It’s getting awful close to dead now. :)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And that closes the turn out. Before we go back to Issa, HP totals are—Issa: 12/22 (taking 3 ongoing), Rhia: 15/25, Alain: 13/26 (taking 3 ongoing), Desh: 17/29, and Imogene: 23/34 (taking 3 ongoing).”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Now, Issa, you’re up. What are you doing?”

Issa sees her brother and party mates take more hits from the swarm, and she advances, shuriken out and ready. She doesn’t fire, though, her eyes gauging the distance between this mound of rats, and the second one. Instead, she falls into a ready, waiting crouch. The moment the second swarm comes into the range, the thief will unleash a Blinding Barrage.

<<ooc>> Issa moving up and holding action until both swarms are in range.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay. Swarm 1 goes, attacking …”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d2 <1> for 1 total.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Issa.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <8> 14

<<ooc>> cpip says “14 vs AC, Issa?”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Not enough! I wiggle my bum at it.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “The rats snap their jaws, but you dance away…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And then swarm 2 moves. As it surges forward towards Imogene, that’s when Issa now re-enters the order and her ready action triggers, with both within a Close Blast 3.”

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20+7 for <3> 10

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20+7 for <4> 11

<<ooc>> Desh says “Boo.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “I’m so sorry.”

<<ooc>> Issa says ”...both miss. But they still take half damage.”

<<ooc>> Issa loves dailies.

ROLL: Issa rolls 2d6+4 <4> for 8 + 4 = 12 total.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Then roll the damage—2x weapon, yes? And then half damage, plus Vulnerable…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Whoop. There you are. 12/2 = 6, +5 = 11 hp each.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “At half? Sweeeet.”

<<ooc>> Issa LOVES her daily.

<<ooc>> Desh says “Yoicks.. well done Issa!”

The shuriken flash in a great cloud, and suddenly, there’s a lot of dead rats. While the swarm advancing on Imogene is still approaching (though somewhat thinned), there’s suddenly a lot less rats in front of Issa. Barely any worth mentioning, really. Just a large pile of corpses. Somewhere, there’s a vendor reading sticks and a small fire to roast them…

<<ooc>> cpip says “Swarm 1 is dispersed. Swarm 2 is still up, and now completes its action.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “It attacks Imogene…”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <7> 13

<<ooc>> cpip says “But fails to hit…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And it has no minor actions to speak of.”

<<ooc>> cpip applauds. The giant rats are up.

The remaining children are scattered, now, leaving squeaking, angry, terrier-sized rats, enraged and looking for prey.

<<ooc>> cpip says “2 attack Desh, 1 attacks Issa, 1 attacks Imogene.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Desh first.”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <12> 18

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <19> 25

<<ooc>> cpip says “3 hp each, so 6 hp damage.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Issa:”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <3> 9

<<ooc>> cpip says “Misses.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Imo:”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <11> 17

<<ooc>> cpip says “Misses Imo’s AC of 18.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “OooOOoo.. bloodied.”

<<ooc>> Issa says ”...oh, wow. I just realized why Piercing Strike is actually not inferior to Sly Flourish. It hits /Reflex/, not AC.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Speaking of Imo, Imogene’s up. Takes 3 hp from the rats crawling all over her, and the swarm gets another free attack…”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <9> 15

<<ooc>> cpip says “Which misses.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Imo, what are you doing?”

Imogene backs up again, not above stomping on any stray rats she can shake off of her legs. She heads, not for Issa, but for the rats still attacking the old man with righteous and holy rage.

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Valiant Strike, Challenging the rat on the old dude.”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d20+9 for <17> 26

<<ooc>> Desh says “Are the rats even attacking the old man?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Aren’t they?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “They’re nipping at him, but he’s mostly lying very still. Doesn’t seem to be dead.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “He is apparently a canny old man!”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Oh! OK. ♥ Sorry, I figured they were attacking him too.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Or catatonic because you took away his magic and his brain is broken. Or maybe he had a heart attack. ;)”

<<ooc>> Imogene D8

<<ooc>> cpip says “Or his soul was eaten by Orcus.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “That happens sometimes!”

<<ooc>> Alain giggles!

<<ooc>> cpip says “Still, Imo, you hit, and the rat is smooshed.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “If I had a dime for every time my soul was eaten by Orcus . .”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Do I need to roll damage, then?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Roll 1d20 to save vs. the Ongoing Damage from rats nipping at your knees.”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d20 for <11> 11

<<ooc>> cpip says “Nope, they’re Minions. They only have 1 hp.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Oh, OK!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And you shake free the rats!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia! You’re up!”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “OK. Gimme a sec to assess here.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Oh, hey, I missed that Swarm of Rats #2 is bloodied, too.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Let’s try Vicious Mockery on Large Rat 3.”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20+5 for <8> 13

<<ooc>> Rhia says “vs. Will”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Somehow, your mockery is so vicious, even RATS are hurt by it, and this one curls up and DIES OF SHAME.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.”

<<ooc>> Issa cackles!

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I told him he looked like a hamster.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “oh, BURN.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Move or Minor action, Rhia?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Standing up is a Move action. :D”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I guess I should stand up now, durr.”

<<ooc>> Issa says ” killed the rat with vicious words from a prone position. I love it.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “And that’ll do me.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I had to LOOK IT IN THE EYE.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Welcome to 4E.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Desh, you’re up!”

Desh starts at the sudden squeeking noise, and turns around to find two more large rats closing in from behind. His swords sing out and strike. (Twin Strike, shift one square down and right, closer to Issa.)

<<ooc>> Desh says “Longblade on Rat1”

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <18> 23

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rat 1 is bisected.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Shortblade on Rat2”

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d20+5 for <20> 25

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rat 2 is sliced, diced, and rendered fit for draconic consumption.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “(What a waste of a Crit.)”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “But great for kabobs!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Alain! You’re up. Take 3 ongoing from rats still dangling off your pants.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Rats in my pants make me unhappy.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “At least we’re getting crits.”

Alain curses the chittering swarm of rats that’s still moving and follows up with another blast of eyebite. /Things/ rush towards the rats, things that no rodent should ever see, lest their tiny brains shut down their vision to protect itself.

<<ooc>> Alain says “Do I roll a save vs. the ongoing?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “At the end of your turn.”

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d20+4 for <9> 13

<<ooc>> Alain says “That’s vs. will.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “13 beats their little wills.”

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d6+4 for <1> 5

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d6 for <5> 5

<<ooc>> Alain says “Take that, you nasty little buggers.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “5 hp total damage, then.”

<<ooc>> Alain says “And the save.”

The rodents do squint their eyes shut, some of them; the rest have swirling colors in their eyes, and nightmarish visions of giant owls swooping down upon them.

<<ooc>> cpip says “1d20, 10 or better saves. :)”

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d20 for <10> 10

<<ooc>> Alain says “Well. Good.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And you shake the rats outta your pants.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Wooo.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Ending the turn, we’re back around to Issa. You’re up!”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Ratty pants.. and you say you’re a noble. 8)”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Hmmhmmhmm.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Let’s see.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Shuriken, Sly Flourish, for the SWAAAAARM.”

Issa’s blades are out and ready, whirling towards the swarm of rats, hoping to take advantage of their diminished state.

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20+7 for <16> 23

<<ooc>> cpip says “That hits, all right…”

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d6+6 for <4> 10

<<ooc>> cpip says “5 more hp…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And make the save vs. Ongoing, Issa?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Meanwhile, the rat swarm …”

ROLL: Issa rolls 1d20 <7> for 7 total.

<<ooc>> Issa says “Rats in my pants, cap’n!”

Staggering around, blind and horrified, the swarm lurches, guided by smell towards the nearest source of blood, Imogene.

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20-4 for <16> 16

<<ooc>> cpip says “12 misses Imogene, as some rats try and bite her ankles.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “The large rats go…”

ROLL: Cpip rolls 1d20+6 for <20> 26

<<ooc>> cpip says ”...and it crits Imogene. 3 hp!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “And now Imo is up, with a swarm of blind rats swirling near her feet and one large one that keeps finding the spots her chainmail DOESN’T cover…”

<<ooc>> Rhia :(

<<ooc>> Imogene :(

Imogene swears creatively, trying to stomp those blind rats, and whacks at the larger one again.

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Valiant Strike.”

ROLL: Imogene rolls 1d20+6 for <16> 22

<<ooc>> cpip says “Okay, next big rat is smooshed.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Move and/oor Minor, Imo?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Snap, forgot.”

Instead of running for Issa’s help to get that blind swarm off her, Imogene charges – and Challenges! – the last rat attacking the old man.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Blind swarm’s attempt to nip you is irrelevant.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “What the hey, let’s mock the swarm.”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20+5 for <13> 18

<<ooc>> cpip says “The swarm is quite mocked! Roll damage.”

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d6+5 for <5> 10

Rhia’s mockery makes some of the rats flee the battlefield in shame! The swarm is almost dispersed now.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Move, Minor?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Nah, I’m good.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “OK!”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Desh?”

Desh decides he doesn’t really want to get close to that swarm, so he drops his swords and draw his bow, taking aim at the swarm. (Drop blade, draw bow, Two-Fanged Strike on the swarm.)

<<ooc>> Desh says “Second shot damage..”

ROLL: Desh rolls 1d8+3 for <7> 10

<<ooc>> Desh says “And add +2 since both shots hit.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “That’s enough to whack ‘em!”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Sweet”

The arrows rip into the swarm, and the last of the chittering rats scatter.

<<ooc>> Imogene thanks God!

<<ooc>> cpip says “And Alain?”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “—er, St. Cuthbert.”

Alain strides over to check out the old geezer, leaving the last rat for Imogene to squish.

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Squishasquisha.”

<<ooc>> Alain should need years of therapy to get over this, but his fae lady DID things to his mind, so he’s good. Ish. :P

<<ooc>> Desh laughs.

Issa scurries after Alain, making noises of concern. Seeing her brother downed with /vermin/ crawling over him did not make her day.

Desh retrieves his weapons from the ground and replaces them in their scabbards before approaching Issa, “Tell me you kept that trinket that started this whole mess.” The Dragonborn looks more than a little worse for wear.

<<ooc>> Issa shiftyeyes. “I assume she shoved into her trousers or something during the battle?”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Shoved /it/, the horn…”

<<ooc>> Issa says ”...that doesn’t make it sound better, does it?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Issa, no, not really. :)”

<<ooc>> cpip says “So. Issa. Where is the Horn? :D I presume it’s been stuffed in the belt, all this time.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “In her pants, I believe she said.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Or she’s just happy to see me. And in denial about her gender.”

<<ooc>> Issa shiftyeyes.

<<ooc>> Desh says “It’s Pneumatic.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “That would make for a very unusual character. But a good reason to go adventuring, I suppose…”

Issa pulls out the horn from where she hastily stuffed it in her trousers, and waves it in Desh’s direction. “Got it. Don’t know what in the Hells it is, but I’ve got it.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Would it make more sense for Alain or Rhia to check it out?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Maybe it would!”

<<ooc>> Siadea says “Horn?”

<<ooc>> Desh says “That’s right, we didn’t explain how we got into this mess in the first place… 8)”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “The old man had a horn that drew the rats, a Pied Piper kind of deal.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Basically, our old man was a crazy Pied Piper, bringing in the plague rats.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Issa swiped it, and then they turned on us. And the little kids.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “What they said. 8D”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Alain, what’s your arcana?”

<<ooc>> cpip chuckles, and figured one of you would EVENTUALLY explain what was going on to your dear missing player. :P

<<ooc>> Alain says “My Arcana is 9. But I think we should both have a look, since we are two different people who are likely to know different things.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Works for me.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “You first, since Issa’s by you now. I’ll walk over.”

<<ooc>> Issa very much hurried!

Alain reaches out to take the horn from Issa. “I don’t like the looks of this thing…” he mutters, glaring at it and turning it over in his hands; senses all sharpened. Hmm.

ROLL: Alain rolls 1d20+9 for <6> 15

<<ooc>> Alain says “Bah.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Let’s see. A 15…”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Ah, that’ll do for the basics.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Alain, the horn is engraved with runes of summoning. It’s clearly designed to call things—presumably rats, but you’re not sure if it couldn’t be played in a different way to call something else, given some time and someone more trained in such things.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “However, there’s something off about it, some sort of … incorrectness in the enchantment. You’re only moderately acquainted with the rituals necessary to bind magic to an item, but even you can see that something doesn’t seem RIGHT about the way it was done.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “So far, the crowd hasn’t returned, but probably they will soon. Whether or not that affects your actions is up to you.”

Rhia walks over to Alain. “Can I take a look?” she asks, holding a hand out.

Alain’s frown deepens. “Summoning runes,” he tells Issa and Rhia, pointing at the obvious. “I don’t know much about this type of items, but I think maybe it could be used to summon things other than vermin if you have the skill…” He scratches his beard thoughtfully. “Something’s off about it, too. It’s like…whoever created this horn didn’t do it right. Can’t tell if it’s shoddy work, or some deliberate kind of wrong, though.”

Alain hands the horn to Rhia.

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20+9 for <15> 24

<<ooc>> Desh says “Nice!”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Goodness!”

<<ooc>> Alain says “Bardic knowledge ftw! :D”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia—it’s a DELIBERATE kind of wrong. It offends, at the least, your aesthetic sense as a Bard. It draws on the player’s life energy in ways that no instrument should. In game terms, it charges a Healing Surge, at the least, each time it summons things … and it clearly has been summoning a LOT of rats.”

Imogene, meanwhile, is standing watch over the old man, frowning.

<<ooc>> cpip says “It’s altogether possible that you could use it to summon larger creatures, but you would need time and practice, were you to choose to go down that road.”

Rhia almost drops the horn entirely. “This thing is . . . wrong. This is perverse and awful and everything you can ruin about music and magic. It’s certainly not good for the player.” She looks at the old man worriedly. “I think we should take him back to your friend, Imogene.” She holds the horn away from herself. “Someone else take this, I just can’t.”

The old man twitches. Especially as his eyes light onto the horn, he groans and his outstretched hand spasms as he tries to grab at it.

Desh sits down on a nearby barrel, watching the others examine the horn, and keeping an eye on the old man. “I wonder where the old man got the thing. Doesn’t seem like an item he would have . . . .” He stands as the man reaches for the horn and steps between the old man and Rhia, “That, I think, would be a mistake.”

Alain takes the horn from Rhia and stuffs it into a pouch, which he ties securely and then hides on his person to make sure that clever little fingers won’t snag it away when they return through the slums. “Let us take him to the healer, and bring the horn to a safe place. If it reduces its player to something like that,” he nods to the old man, “it needs to be kept away from the world.”

<<ooc>> Issa doesn’t want it, definitely. :D

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Imogene, grab the crazy old man! :)”

Imogene spares a brief, brilliant smile for the warlock, and starts collecting the old man for transport.

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Man, paladins get all the stinky jobs. lol”

Desh looks over his shoulder at Alain, “If that thing is so horrible, then maybe we should find a way to destroy it. While it may have possible positive uses, its price is too high I think.”

Issa gives a nod of agreement to her brother’s words. “Yeah. And what if everything it summons is like . . . the plague rats? Wrong?”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Well, we can’t let the dragonborn grab him, that’ll send the wrong message.”

<<ooc>> Desh doubts the old man is in any state of mind to notice or care if a bugbear picks him up, let alone a me. 8)

<<ooc>> Rhia says “I’m thinking what the OTHER people will see.”

<<ooc>> Desh says “Lunchtime!”

Rhia shakes her head. “I think it should be looked at too. Something that wrong . . . maybe there’s something that can be learned about who or what created it.”

<<ooc>> Desh is ICly beyond caring what the crowd thinks about now.

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Rhia will care enough for both of you. ;D”

Slowly, there is re-forming a crowd of wide-eyed Holders, staring at the blood, the dead rats, and the adventurers, standing in the middle of it, hefting the old man. One dark-haired young lad steps forward. “What . . . happened?”

Rhia sighs. “We’re about to find out. Please clear the path, this man needs medical attention.” She summons her most commanding tones.

Alain nods to Rhia and mutters in a low voice for his friends only, “That’s what I think, too. Someone better versed in the creation of magical music instruments or items of summoning should take a look at this horn.”

Issa puts away the shuriken, but takes up a protective flank by her brother, still tutting at the holes in his clothing and skin. “Agreed. And see if we can trace the sale or gift of it; perhaps it is just me, but this seems like a cruel but convenient way to get rid of unwanted refugees,” she almost whispers, her eyes hard.

Desh lets Rhia clear the crowd, while he stays near Imogene in case trouble breaks out, a hand on a sword hilt. She’ll have a hard time defending herself while carrying the old man.

<<ooc>> Rhia grimaces. Issa has a POINT.

<<ooc>> cpip says “Rhia, give me a roll. :D”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “OK, let’s try out Bluff for “This is all perfectly normal, people.”“

ROLL: Rhia rolls 1d20+8 for <10> 18

The crowd frowns, and slowly shuffles back before Rhia’s commanding tones. Apparently, these fine people in charge say it’s normal. It must be normal. Clearly, the Holders think, these Keoish do things Very Strangely Here—but they seem nonchalant, so it must be normal!

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Imogene is the Queen of Nonchalantland, for instance.”

<<ooc>> Imogene ♥

<<ooc>> Alain phew. Better than intimidating them. >>;

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Yeah, not what Rhia’s going for at the moment.”

One person, however, is less nonchalant. At the edge of the crowd is Yerold, the old, scruffy healer. “You wanna bring ol’ Rob over here, then?” He gestures up the way, towards his tent.

Rhia stands back to let Imogene and Rob pass, keeping an eye on the crowd.

Yerold leads the group back to his tent, and gestures towards a useful pile of straw. “Set him down. What’d you do to him?” He looks sternly at the group.

Rhia frowns. “It’s what that THING did to him,” she waved in Alain’s direction, possibly misleadingly. “That instrument may well have been killing him!”

“He was calling the rats,” Issa adds, with a nod to the horn. “I imagine he didn’t know he was doing it.”

<<ooc>> cpip says “The horn which is carefully hidden away in the large pouch on Alain’s belt? :)”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “That’s the one! Alain may or may not pull it out at this time, or risk Yerold thinking we really hate Alain.”

<<ooc>> Issa says “Okay, so she nods towards her brothers middle regions. >_>”

”...Not Alain,” Imogene clarifies. “He’s carrying this fuckin’ horn thing that we found on Rob.”

<<ooc>> Imogene says “Imo ruins all y’all’s fun.”

<<ooc>> Rhia hearts Imogene so.

Alain is unamused and it shows. “The horn this old man kept tooting. It is magical and it summons things like vermin at the expense of its wielder’s health. I will take it to someone who can keep it out of circulation and hopefully find out how it was made, who made it and exactly what it does and why.”

As the others seem to be covering things, Desh just keeps quiet and stays out of the way.

Yerold blinks, at all of this. “What, that old thing he’s been playing? The local kids loved it,” the old healer says, as he kneels to look over Rob. Finally, he shakes his head. “He’s weak, tired. I…” He shakes his head, frowning. “Where would an old sea cook get a magic horn like that?”

Issa asks, quietly, “Sir, do you know when he showed up playing the horn? How long has it been?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Actually, given how late it is, maybe this should be moved to downtime E-mailing?”

<<ooc>> Alain says “29th is fine.”

<<ooc>> Issa grins. “29th should be fine. It will be my last Saturday at work, but I get off earlier than we start.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Imo?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Imo may have thrown in the towel.”

<<ooc>> Rhia says “Shall we say 5/29 pending Imogene’s input, then?”

<<ooc>> cpip says “Sounds like a plan.”

<<ooc>> Desh nods.

<<ooc>> Issa triplenods.

<<ooc>> cpip says “I’ll cover XP during the downtime e-mails. Unfortunately, you’re just a little shy of 2nd level, here, but a little bit more and you’re there.”


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