The town of Cryllor sits at the point on the Javan River where it gets too shallow for boats to come up from the Azure Sea and must move their product to barges. In the shadow of the Good Hills, Cryllor has thrived for centuries as a port town, serving the needs of the Kingdom’s population to the north in County Flen, the Earldom of Sterich, or the Grand Duchy of Geoff.

It is a pleasant port town, its docks bustling with barges from upriver and the well-guarded galleys that make the perilous journey up the Javan, from the Sea Princes’ capital of Monmurg at the shores of the Azure Sea, across the treacherous Hool Marsh, to Cryllor. The riverfront teems with activity at all hours, all beneath the watchful eye of Castle Javanshield, the seat of the Count of Cryllor.

Districts of Cryllor

The town was generally divided into four quarters; with the arrivals of the refugees, the composition of town is shifting.


Along the western edge of town is the Riverside, thick with docks, warehouses and taverns. The Drunken Fish is in the middle of the Riverside quarter; the town’s shipwright is in the northern edge, near the Castle District. The Broad Way runs as the thoroughfare from the docks to the Northgate, near the Guildhalls.

Towards the southern edge of town can be found the sign of the Tipsy Bard, an inn and taverna of some repute.

Castle Javanshield and its Environs

The northern part of town, between the Riverside and the eastern walls, is dominated by Castle Javanshield. The muster field for the militia stretches out just before the Castle gates, the largest open space in the city. It is here that the nobles of the County have their homes for while in town, and where several of the largest of temples can be found, most either facing onto the Muster Field or onto the newly-cleared Theatre Square just to the south. Giving the square its name is the newly built Count’s Theatre, part of his efforts to bring culture to the town.

The Guildhalls

To the east, centered around the Northgate (actually set into the eastern wall) and stretching south along the eastern walls is the Guildhalls—this is the merchant quarter, and the sounds of commerce can be heard at all hours. Almost as many taverns as can be found by the docks can be found here, where the merchants dine out on imported delicacies and make their business deals in the booths and backrooms. The thieves of the town are tempted by the homes of wealthy merchants, many protected by hired mercenaries from the Warrior’s Hall, or by more unusual defenses. Also among the guildhalls and merchants’ shops can be found the Ruby Tower of the Silent Ones, the Grand Guildhall of Zilchus and the Sacred Grotto of Ulaa.

Tanner’s Tower

Anchoring the southern wall at the river’s edge is an ancient tower that has been chartered to the Tabacar family, who have been the town’s tanners and leatherworkers for over a century. Given the smell and mess of the business of slaughter and tanning, the Tanner’s Tower and the rest of the southern quarter of town is where those too poor to live elsewhere, among the stench of the butcher Macelar’s stockyard and other such unpleasant industries. Southgate lies in the center of the wall, and the Southmarket Square that surrounds it does blander business than the Northmarket, serving as the central meeting place for the town’s poorer class of laborers and servants.

The Refugee Camps

Outside the Southgate is a ramshackle shantytown of tents and quickly-built shacks to house the growing population of refugees from the Holds of the Sea Princes. While the wealthiest Holders have rented rooms at the inns within town, the greater majority of the refugees – estimated now to be over a thousand souls – live huddled in these shacks, plagued by thugs and rogues. Several charitable efforts have been made to help them, mostly sponsored by local temples or sympathetic nobles, but for now the lot of many Holder refugees is bare subsistence. Still, as many might argue, it is at least peaceful subsistence.


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