Good Hills

The Good Hills roll from the Sterich border, southeast to the edge of the Dreadwood. Between they and the Jotens and the Little Hills, they frame the Javan River as it rolls down into the Dreadwood and the Hool Marsh.

The Good Hills are so named because of the number of the “Good Folk” – the fey – who inhabit them. Legend tells that the hills are riddled with secret ways to the otherworldly Feywild, and indeed more than a few strange creatures can be found up in the hills. A number of tribes of jebli inhabit the hils as well; more than one such tribe pays homage to strange fey masters. The jebli extort caravans and miners moving through their territory; some even go so far as to raid the encampments and villages in the foothills.

However, the hills also have many rich veins of gold and deposits of gemstones, and therefore even in the face of danger, men (bolstered by some adventurous dwarves from across the Javan) make their way up into the hills to search for riches and wealth.

In the interests of protecting the lucrative trade in mineral wealth, several nobles have sponsored small keeps to be built in the Hills, but this sponsorship tends to be sporadic and subject to the whims of various nobles; more than one now lies abandoned up in the hills, or worse yet inhabited by fell creatures, and some may well have been forgotten or ruined over the centuries.

Good Hills

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