The Kingdom of Keoland is a feudal monarchy with certain strange democratic aspects. Though the monarch rules for life, succession is determined by the Council of The Land (made up of the high nobles of the Kingdom). The result is that the crown usually passes between several of the most powerful noble houses of the Kingdom. The national capital is Niole Dra, which is just shy of a fortnight’s ride from Cryllor; but for travelling over the Good Hills and the creatures that lie within, it could as easily be twice that or more.


The Kingdom of Keoland is the oldest still-existing kingdom of humanity on the Flanaess.

It was founded some six hundred years ago, by Suel nobles fleeing the destruction of their Imperium and Oeridian migrants moving down from the north. After several centuries of benign and quiet leadership, a line of ambitious monarchs came to the Throne of the Lion, and embarked on a policy of conquest.

At the peak of Keoish imperialism, the banner of the Lion flew from the Pomarj to the Crystalmists, carried north into Ket and almost bringing Verbobonc and Veluna City under their sway. A series of reverses ended this expansionism—the Eladrin Court of Celene broke off their alliance, the Ulek provinces rebelled, the freemen of the Yeomanry recalled their mercenaries, and raiders from the Sea Princes harried the coastal provinces.

After King Tavish III was slain, his son, Tavish IV was elected by the nobility with the mandate to restore peace. After extended negotiations, the Yeomanry and the Ulek provinces were allowed independence, the armies retreated to the Gran March (the March of Bissel having been lost to the armies of Furyondy during the final contractions of the empire). The Kingdom turned introspective after that, and has for the nearly two centuries since not embarked on any foreign adventures.


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