Little Hills

The Joten Mountains turn to high hills as they come up to the Javan River, and these hills turn southward along the river’s course. The towering hills can only be called “little” if one compares them to the Jotens and the Crystalmist Mountains beyond them, but it seems to be what the men of the Yeomanry did, and the name has stuck through generations of cartographers.

The Little Hills are inhabited by a mix of humans, dwarves, and halflings in the main; there are small pockets of gnomes hidden away, and a few scattered bands of goliaths roam the hills.

The town of Longspear is an active trading center along the Javan, which attempts to be Cryllor’s equal.

Warriors from the Little Hills are renowned for their ferocity in battle, both human and nonhuman alike; quick to anger, the proud hillmen are loyal to the Yeomanry and form fearsome warbands in its defense. More than one gathering has sallied north into the lowlands that the Count of Cryllor has claimed to harry the Keoish forces there.

Little Hills

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