Temples of Cryllor

The Grand Guildhall (Zilchus)

Located in the Guildhall Quarter, this towering monument to the God of Merchants is patronized by all the merchants of that quarter, and anyone hoping to reap new wealth. High Priest Rantes and his clergy are known to invest in speculative expeditions for a cut of the proceeds.

The House of the Father and Son (Kord and Phaulkon)

On the other side of the Musterfield from Castle Javanshield, the temple to the God of Strength and his father, the God of Archery and the Winds sees frequent patronage both from the Count’s soldiers and the mercenaries of the Warrior’s Hall. Martyna is the Strongest Beloved of Kord, and her voice, powerful as the rest of her, can be heard exhorting the town’s defenders to be strong.

Temple of the Waters (Osprem and Xerbo)

Overlooking the river, this temple to the gods of the waters is overseen by a married pair of clerics, Lazlo and Sasa.

The Sacred Grotto (Ulaa)

Located in a natural lime cavern underneath the Guildhall district, this bejeweled cavern is frequented by members of the Miners’ and Smiths’ guilds.

Paladin’s Tower (Heironeus)

Facing out over the Northgate is this shrine to the Archpaladin, sponsored by several of the Oeridian noble families who pay him particular reverence.

The Library of Lydia

Once a small shrine and a small collection of books, investment by the Count and a new building have given great praise to the Goddess of Knowledge and Song.

The Shrine of St. Cuthbert

This humble shrine to the God of Common Sense tends to the poorer members of the town, combining charitable endeavors with stern admonishments to morality and sensible behavior.

The Shrine of Kelanen

Only recently converted, this building is also the site of investment by the Count, who came to a reverence of the God of the Sword during his years adventuring and questing across the Flanaess. Mercenaries, adventurers, and soldiers alike come to pay their respects.

Temples of Cryllor

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