The territory bounded by the Javan to the east, the Jotens to the north and the Hool Marshes to the south were settled by mixed tribes, refugees from the fallen Suel Imperium who mixed with the local Flannae.

These peoples came to the custom of meetings of the tribes each year, where disputes could be settled and arrangements made. Spokesmen were named by each tribe, and as the numbers grew and settlements were forged, this formed the basis for a representative government. The republican tradition continued even when the region came under the rule of the Kingdom of Keoland; the Lion Throne regarded the warriors as gentlemen and their appointed spokesmen as lesser nobility, and gave the region a voice in council and exposure to the affairs of the wider world.

Yeomen served in the thousands as an integral part of the Keoish military for centuries, but when the kingdom moved to conquering its northern neighbors, the Freeholder and the Grosspokesmen moved to call home their warriors, and they closed their frontier to Keoish rule forever. The result was the founding of a state ruled by all its warriors by election! All those bearing arms, those who have born them in the past, and artisans and craftsmen are all now entitled to elect spokesmen (one for every 12 dozen).

The Freeholder is elected from one of the greater landowners, but he is ruled by the council of Grosspokesmen; the Freeholders primary obligations are the daily business of government, and to direct the Free Captains of the Battles during wartime.


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